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I hate all my pretty mistakes

face it, you'll never be one of them

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Who I Am
I have a seriously bad relationship with food and with my body. Yo-Yo dieting like a madwoman and binges and starvation cycles that feel like a bi-polar food disorder.

I started this journal to talk about my food issues but it has become my all-purpose secret journal. You know - because it's always the quiet ones.
This journal will be my personal food and diet journal. It will not be shared with or known about by members of my regular friend's list on my "real" journal. I would like to add other people that diet, have food journals, etc.

Please only add my journal if you are looking for support in weight loss, and/or have issues with food and control of food. I will add you no matter if your diet is more or less extreme than mine, as long as you are wanting to becoming a supportive friend.

You are also welcome to friend my journal if we share any of the other above or below mentioned interests however at this time my journal is mostly about dieting - it will soon have other entries as well.... stay tuned...

Other Stuff

The other interests I will be exploring with this journal are reading, writing, fiction, fandoms, sex, photography, etc.

I love horror, erotica, magic/vampires, BUFFY/ANGEL, comic book stuff like X-Men, and many other fandoms.

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